Sunday, February 24, 2013

Experiencing Thailand

Grand Palace
My beautiful family on tourist mode
Part of the Grand Palace
Posing with my little sister with the really pretty wall behind us
With my first cousins. Yup we're all girls! :)
With the Buddha
Eerie isnt it?
Temple ruins 
More temple ruins
And of course, the trip would not have been complete without the elephants! :)

Hey guys!! It's been a really long time since my last post. So I wanna make up for it with this one. Last December I went to Thailand with my family and enjoyed their rich culture, food, the non stop shopping and of course the historical sites! I learned a lot about their history and got to tour around the ancient city which was pretty far from civilization. Haha. I was also really amazed with their religion. It amazed me how people there wake up early every morning just to pray to the spirits in their little temple things. I'm not sure I got that quite right though. And when they said that Bangkok was a place for shopping, they weren't exaggerating, Bangkok's streets at night have a hundred racks full of clothes, and not the ordinary kind, the kind you don't see in your local department store, and they're also very affordable too! Their food is to die for and the people are all very nice. The place is so rich in culture and tradition, you can practically see elephants walking on the streets and they have temples everywhere! I really had an amazing time at Bangkok and without a doubt, come back for their delicious food and yup you guessed it, shopping!!

Till my next post!


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