Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Denim and Nature

Denim Top: Department Store
Black Lace Top: Forever 21
Blue Bandage Skirt: Bangkok
Denim Vest: DIY
Brown Shorts: Bangkok
Studded Shoes: Forever 21
Best friends in Denim 
Just because we both have the passion for photography :)
Total Opposites eh?
Very nature-y indeed 
Peace out!

Why hello there,
My best friend and I felt like dressing up and being all girly in front of the camera one afternoon and tuh-dah! So I thought about how I would love to wear something girly, yet something edgy but with a bit of tomboy in it, and the denim top did the trick. We both wore something comfortable yet stylish and to complete the outfit, we put on our denim tops. 

During this shoot, I realized that denim actually coordinates with nature. 

Keep our earth green guys! :)


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