Saturday, September 08, 2012

Legal Life

My gown designed by Erwin Tan of KASUOTAN
Hair and Make up's done, time to shoot!
Tres Marias
All prim and proper
The future boss 
Pretending to text
My best angle :)
Showing my dress off


My grand entrance
Happy family :D
Feels like home :)
High school buddies
The greatest people you'll ever meet

Coordination: Katrine Salud Sarmiento
Cake: Boo boo Maramba
Photo and Videos: Eight Espino (photos posted here are raw)
Debutante's dress: Erwin Tan of Kasuotan
Hair and Makeup: Otoi Mercado
Lights and sounds: Infinity by Milo Ong
Music : DJ Gary

Being legal doesnt mean you can abuse your freedom. I will walk this planet as a proper 

and mature lady :)



Saturday, September 01, 2012

Blog and Styling Workshop with Cheyser Pedregosa

Awkward pose with my matching awkward smile 
"Lookbook pose"
My current favorite boho-ish accessory
My current favorite flats :3
Finally got to meet the ultimate Cheyser Pedregosa <3
With Aidx Paredes :)
With Hannah Magsayo :)

With Erika Taduran :) Sorry for the photo, this was only taken with Instagram. Teehee
Aidx Paredes and Cheyser Pedregosa

August's finally over and I'm glad to say that I started September the right way by joining Cheyser's Blog and Styling Workshop with her guest speaker, Aidx Paredes. I had a lot of fun and this workshop really inspired me to start blogging again since I've been missing in action lately. This workshop also taught me how I should manage my blog and what I should  and should not post. Cheyser also taught us all about styling and the line "Fashion is all about being comfortable" really inspired me. Aidx talked about photo blogging and this inspired me to work on my photography skills more and to always sharpen my photos. Haha! 

I have to admit I felt all giddy and excited inside when my friend Erika of The Living Closet invited me to be her plus one at Cheyser's workshop. :) These two bloggers have been my inspiration ever since I started blogging. You guys definitely need to check out their blogs!

Keep on blogging,


Friday, August 31, 2012

Refreshing Weekend

So basically this is how I spent my weekend. How'd you spend yours? :)


Thursday, July 05, 2012


I felt like Coco Chanel. Haha!
The typical "lookbook" pose
My nose looks weird here.
The silhouette effect
The 2nd part of "Collaboration with Bea Del Fierro"
Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Collaboration with Bea Del Fierro 1

The teaser photo
Blue leggings- Bakedmic's Closet
Aztec Printed wedges- Melissa Wedges

Finally got the chance to blog about my experience with Bea Del Fierro. Bea's been my friend since uhmmm forever? Ever since high school, she's always had this passion for taking photos. No, she doesn't really tell me, but I'm a really observant person. And then she got her DSLR and boom!! Even greater photos started coming out. So I asked her if we could have a photoshoot cause it's been a while since I've updated my blog, and so she agreed and tuh-dah!! The outcome. This is just part 1 so just keep visiting my blog for part 2 and 3. Thanks guys!

Oh and yes, I don't own most of the stuff. I just borrowed them from Bea and her sister. So thanks Bei and ate Oyen! <3


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Im back! (Teaser)

Hey guys!! Been a while, eh? 
Well I'm glad to say that I'm finally updating my blog again. This is just a teaser photo from my photoshoot with Bea Del Fierro :)


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Naked and Sacred

My very own DIY top :>

Is it too late for a bikini photo? :)