Friday, May 04, 2012

My first attempt at DIY

Just this morning my whole family decided to ditch me at home with nothing to do. Out of boredom I decided to make my own D.I.Ys. I came up with a fringe top, ripped shorts, a denim polo top (I just cut my old denim jacket's sleeves off) and a black skirt that I just cut shorter :) 

Here's the fringe top I was telling you about. I just took out an old shirt, cut it a little shorter, cut the bottom part into fringes, took out my paint and brush and painted the cross with leopard patterns. It's not that accurate but still looks cute. What do you think? Hahaha

And here's the video that inspired me to make a fringe top :)
Here are the ripped jean shorts that I made. Yay! I think they're kinda OK. After all, this is my first attempt. Hihi. Oh and I used nail polish to design those cute little patterns at the pockets. Silly of me! But I'm thinking of dip dyeing these shorts when I get fabric dye and bleach.

The video that helped me make my ripped shorts. Hihi
This skirt used to be 3 inches below the knee and then I cut 3 inches off so it would look chic. I didn't cut it that short so I could use it for school. Dress code x_x
This used to be a jean jacket with long sleeves, but then I cut the sleeves shorter . I didn't want to turn it into a sleeveless denim vest yet so I could still use it for school (obey the school rules x_x) But I do have future plans for this polo! Take a look at the video below :)

You guys have to seriously check out thefashioncitizen's videos on You Tube. They have a lot of great D.I.Y stuff and cool hauls! Here's the link to their channel: 

So I hope you enjoyed this post and please do leave a comment below about my D.I.Ys :> Thanks! And till the next post!