Monday, April 09, 2012


I am so in love with her hair and this head piece <3
Loving the shoes and bag!
My strappy heels 
The Hair
Kinda reminds me of Star Wars. Special Guest: Jeff Pasagui
Make up

Another special guest: My sister! Emylou Guino-o

   Hey guys! So here I am with another post just for you! But this one's just a teaser. Nyehehe. You're gonna have to check my blog out anytime this week for the full post. I'm just this type of person, who immediately, right after an event or photo shoot, makes a post about it. It's a habit that I have and also the reason why I tend to sleep late, which causes my eyebags :( So much for that.. So I'm going to post about two events, first: The Annual Acquaintance Party of Davao Bloggers 2012, and second: Our random photo shoot with my sister Mymy and her friend. 

Thanks for reading! :)