Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2012

Induction of Officers Acquaintance Party
The Counselor of Davao delivering her Speech

Inducting of officers. I spot my uncle! :)
 Shievar and Hannah
Sheri and Hannah
I got bored. hahaha
The tumblr like photo :>
Our snacks! And they were really hard to eat. Nakakawala ng poise! Haha
Shievar won a Facial from Bloom during the raffle!
Strike a pose
My tito and tita :)
With Shievar and Joan
Everybody has a mirror shot! haha

Hey guys!! So I've finally blogged about the bloggers event last April 9 (Monday).I honestly had so much fun and I met a lot of new people. I also got to meet new bloggers and wow! I'm amazed that so much people from Davao, blog. There's so much of us that we even have our own group! Not so sure if every city's required to have an association for bloggers though. I was also shocked to see my relatives there. And proud to say, they were officers! What if I'm next in line? *chuckling* Just kidding!

I'm also sooo thankful that Sheri invited me and Shievar to this event. So thank you so much Sheri! Everyone was so nice and friendly, and the food was delicious! Especially dessert. Hopefully I'll be invited to other events like this and get to meet new friends! Yay!

Thank you so much for reading. I'm trying my best to write more now, because as I've learned from a lot of people, blogs should have tons of words. So sorry if I've been a little redundant back there. Promise to practice more on my writing skills and I'll blast your minds with my magical words! Till here my readers!



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