Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walking the Red Carpet as an Olsen

Olsen Triplets
Rock the Red Lips
All grown up
Sorry for the blurry photo
Long legs!
The ring I just recently lost and my red clutch
My best friend and I decided to go as the Olsen twins! <3

Hey guys! So last night I attended my friend, Nicole Oropeza's debut. Her theme was "Oscar Awards", which explains the Olsen outfit. My best friend and I decided to go as the Olsen twins because we didn't really want to spend tons of money for just one night. So we searched for a photo that we could use as our copy, put on our little black dresses, slapped some make up on, grabbed our heels and TUH-DAH! Mox and Marja as the Olsen twins.

P.S Shievar is our Olsen sibling as well since he was dressed up as an Olsen that night  :>

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to comment below <3



  1. olsen twins ftw :)

    the guy looks familiar . is he a blogger too ?

  2. Oh wow! I love your little black dress! Very sexy and chic :) You look very lovely :)

    Kisses! xxx