Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Sister Story

Sisters <3
Detachable Collar: The Factory
Corset: Pat Ring Store
Do you like what I did to my bangs? :>
Skirt used as Top: Forever 21
Belt: Ginatricot
Wedges: SM Department Store
Sequined Top: CLUB L
Black Shorts: Bench
Wedges: SM Department Store
Pouch: Payless
Black Sheer Top with Gold Sequined Collar: LEMON SHOP
Black Leggings: Bik bok
Black Heels: SM Department
Leopard Pouch: CMG
Black and Gold Ring: TOMATO

Hello Sweetums! Here's the post I was telling you about. :)

Just yesterday, my sister and I decided to have a photoshoot since we were both bored to death and had nothing else to do. I was kinda excited about it because its been months since my last photoshoot. I really love doing photoshoots with my sister because she's such a natural at posing for photos and its just like playing dress up! Tell me what you think and comment below :)

Love your sisters <3



  1. you guys look so cutee <3
    wish i could do something like this with my sister .

    btw, i love your bangs :) you look younger

    1. Aaw you should! Thanks, everyone told me the same thing :))

  2. I love it! You both look great. Love the red lipstick on you! x

  3. love the outfits!!!!!! :) especially the 2nd photo!!! :)
    mind if we follow each other??? please do inform me .. thanks :)
    love your blog!!!